I think that what frustrates me most about the piece is that the author seems so, well, juvenile. She's only three years younger than me but seems so much younger. Plus she's exaggerated the whole thing out of proportion: she has to choose between housing and eating healthier but, really, no, she doesn't. Hyperbole! » 5/02/13 11:32pm 5/02/13 11:32pm

I like the ability to share/cross-post from one blog to another. I think it's a way of getting new and interesting content, particularly for people like me who lurk only on a handful of sites (Gawker, Jezebel, Groupthink) and not the rest. » 5/02/13 11:24pm 5/02/13 11:24pm

CollegeHumor's Bleep Bloop on Star Trek Catan

Bleep Bloop, a video games talkshow hosted on CollegeHumor, posted an episode in which they talk about a variation of the board game The Settlers of Catan with a (classic) Star Trek twist. » 5/02/13 10:41pm 5/02/13 10:41pm

I have not noticed this occurring, but I do see changes on the homepage as certain posts either get new images or are highlighted, prompting them to take up more space. That can be a little disconcerting since it often leads me to believe that I haven't read a post. » 5/02/13 9:43pm 5/02/13 9:43pm

I have an interest in this beyond academic pursuits. I just find people's sexual proclivities fascinating and would enjoy reading research by or insights from other people. » 5/02/13 9:41pm 5/02/13 9:41pm

Today was hectic and crazy and full of juggling messages from friends and phone interviews and walking a client through the CMS that I installed on his site and applying for more jobs, but now it's slow and boring. » 5/02/13 9:37pm 5/02/13 9:37pm

I'm very bad with humor, sarcasm, and colloquialisms. This often means that I treat certain things like they're intended to be the truth. It saddens me that people may be responding to my comments by thinking that I could be stupid or a troll. » 5/02/13 6:12pm 5/02/13 6:12pm

I know next to nothing about this case. I didn't even know who Knox was until she was seen sometime last year outside of the building in which I used to work with a trail of photographers in her wake. » 5/02/13 4:48pm 5/02/13 4:48pm

I sailed aboard commercial ships for a handful of years after attending a federal military academy with a focus on sailing. Pirates are no laughing matter. I heard a number of firsthand stories from sailors who had encountered pirates during their time at sea and they generally weren't funny. » 5/02/13 4:29pm 5/02/13 4:29pm

It depends a lot upon the tag or the topic used by a lot of accounts. I have a single Tumblr profile in order to interact with the ferret community. We're generally loving owners sharing pictures and videos of our pets while sharing good practices with inexperienced owners who often send us questions about ferret care… » 5/02/13 4:12pm 5/02/13 4:12pm

I have read that corporal punishment is effective only when it is applied consistently and not capriciously. Unfortunately, this requires far more self-control than most parents can exhibit (understandably; it's likely very overwhelming being a parent!). As such, it's better not to utilize it. » 5/02/13 2:15pm 5/02/13 2:15pm

It's absolutely fascinating how people arrive at sites. I like to examine search terms and also incoming links. It's weird seeing who links to the sites. » 5/02/13 1:42pm 5/02/13 1:42pm

Being grey in one area doesn't necessarily mean that you are grey in another — or if you have permission to post. Each blog is treated differently, with Gawker being different from Jezebel and Otaku and Groupthink and Crosstalk and so on. » 5/01/13 11:23pm 5/01/13 11:23pm